They have seven children and arrived without savings because they had to pay a lot of money on the border with Jordan.

Mansour's family lived in Tafas, a Syrian population near the border of Jordan. After two years of war in their country, they decided to leave, as the bombings were constant and they had them near their home. They left at night, by car and without lights so they did not see them. Finally, they reached the Syrian border with Jordan, where they had to pay a lot of money, almost all of their savings, and from there they traveled by plane to Barcelona to seek refuge.

In Syria, Mansour Al Nator was a tourist guide, interpret and worked for the Spanish embassy in Damascus. He often traveled to Spain and in Syria he received many tourists in his house. There he met Maria Rosario Úcar a lawyer from Barcelona. They became friends and kept in touch. On his arrival to Barcelona, ​​on September 7, 2014, Rosario had no doubts about welcoming Mansour and his family to a second house she has in El Vendrell.

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